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Shiitake Logs


Shop by usage or species. We have a wide array of edible and utilitarian mushrooms for landscapers, gardeners, farmers, or your kitchen table.

Shiitake Logs


Shiitake Logs


We sustainably harvest logs from Thriving Earth Farm and inoculate them with our home-grown organic mushroom spawn.

Log Care Guide

Sweetgum logs or bolts are inoculated with Shiitake spawn and will begin fruiting in the fall season following the purchase of logs.   Logs will fruit for 2-4 years. Fall, winter, and spring bring consistent fruiting every 8 weeks as long as moisture is adequate.  

Logs should be kept out of direct sunlight all year long and should be kept in conditions of 70%-80% shade.  This can be achieved by placing your logs under evergreen trees with thick foliage, by utilizing shade cloth, or by utilizing loosely woven burlap.   In addition to overhead sunlight, additional attention should be paid to avoid angular sunlight in the morning to the east, in the evening to the west, and to the south during winter months.  Standing your logs up against a tree or a wall, prevents them from getting too moist and reduces the potential for fungal competition.

During dry periods when there is no rain for 2 weeks or more, logs should be watered for 24 hours with a sprinkler.  Excessive checking on the ends of the logs indicates that logs may be too dry. The "incubation period" is the time period between inoculation of the logs and their first natural fruiting.   It is crucial for the logs to have adequate moisture during the incubation period.   Logs may be soaked in tanks or tubs of water to “force” a fruiting of mushrooms, however his must only be done AFTER they have already had their first natural fruiting.  Logs may be soaked for 12 hours. Logs should be soaked no more often than every 8 weeks. Ensure prior identification of Shiitake mushrooms prior to consumption, as competitive “weed” mushrooms on your logs is possible.  

Thriving Earth Farm and Henosis are not responsible for a failure to produce mushrooms or the misidentification of mushrooms on logs. We do not identify mushrooms. For mushroom ID consult the Audubon Mushroom ID book or professional mycologists

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Sustainably harvested logs, inoculated with fresh shiitake spawn.  Expect it to fruit in 9 - 12 months during the cooler seasons.