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Inoculation and Mycoremediation Services

Mushroom log/stump inoculation and bioremediation services for habitat restoration.

Henosis offers arborist, farmers, and gardeners ways to up-cycle trees and wood waste into gourmet mushrooms.  Instead of using costly measures of hauling and grinding wood away, you can plug your limbs and stumps with our wide selection of oysters, shiitake, piopinno,  lions mane, and reishi mushroom spawn at a fraction of the cost. 

Looking for bolts or wood chips? 

Henosis has a network of arborist and agroforestry farms to help you source bolts (uninoculated logs) for mushroom cultivation.  We insure that your bolts will be bark-intact, manageable, and contaminant free  

Log prices: 

Pick up $3.00/bolt 

Delivered $3.00/bolt (25 minimum)

Hardwood chips (Burlap sac 60 lbs)

*We do not ship logs out of state*


Let us do the work

We will plug any mushroom (wood dependent) for $2.95/sq ft. A 48 x 4 in log would be $12.87 and would provide mushrooms for up to 3-4 years. Stumps can last for 3 - 7 years each providing several pounds of mushrooms over their lifespan while decomposing the wood into nutrient rich compost.

Economics of shiitake mushroom cultivation

The basic numbers (shiitake cultivation on logs):

Each log will produce an average of 1/4 to 1/2 pound of mushrooms per flush (logs are soaked for 24 hrs to induce fruiting)

A grower can achieve 2 to 3 flushes per season. Log lifespan is an average of 8 flushes or 3 – 4 years.

Fresh mushrooms generally sell for $12 – 16/lb retail, $10 – $12/lb wholesale

Dried mushrooms generally sell for $6 – 8/oz. A fresh pound of mushrooms is equal to about 2 oz dried.

Recoup your investment in less than a year!

If you have wood chips, we can inoculate them with wine cap mushrooms for you to use as mulch in your garden.  4x8x.5 bed is $160 and can be expanded indefinitely to prolong mushroom harvest and inoculate other areas in your yard. 

Contact us at for estimates.

Hudson and son from Knock on Wood tree service inoculating elm and hickory with  Piopinno  and  King Oyster  mushrooms.

Hudson and son from Knock on Wood tree service inoculating elm and hickory with Piopinno and King Oyster mushrooms.